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Bobby Ward — Chef Extraordinaire

I've always loved to cook -- and I love being creative in the kitchen. One summer, I was ready to grill and was looking for just the right seasoning -- something different, something special, with some zing to it. I ended up experimenting in my kitchen and made my first seasoning and rub. It tasted great on just about everything!

My family loved it. My friends loved it. I made more of it and gave it away. Pretty soon, they were back for more, along with their families and friends. That's how Ward's Fantastic Seasonings & Rubs got started -- me, experimenting in my kitchen. And that very first experiment is now known as Ward's "Original."

Further experimenting and sampling led to even more seasonings and rubs. And just like at the beginning, it's the feedback I get from friends and family members that allows me to perfect my mixes. Even inspiring me to create a tantalizing collection of Ward's Party Dips.

One thing I hear over and over is --
"Ward's makes everyone a great cook!"

Experiment, have fun, and eat well!



Ward's Fantastic
Seasonings & Rubs

Ward's Seasonings & Rubs are flavorful mixes that turn ordinary dishes into creative cuisine. Along with the "Original," other masterful blends have been tailored to specific tastes. Use generously on all meats and foods-- grilled, barbecued, fried, baked, broiled, smoked, or steamed.

Ward's is a perfect blend of ingredients -- no other spices are neccessary. For a unique MARINADE, add your favorite liquid and season to taste. For a creative SALAD DRESSING, simpy add oil and vinegar.

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Ward's Party Dip Mixes

Wanna add some wow factor to your next party? From mild to spicy and around the world, Ward's easy-to-make dips will inspire your taste buds.

Just mix our perfect blend of spices with mayonnaise and sour cream, chill, and serve. Perfect for veggies, chips or whatever you want to dip! Makes a great SANDWICH SPREAD, too.

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