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Bobby Ward



PO Box 591
Marion, MS 39342



Here's what they are saying about Ward's:

"Love, love, love this seasoning!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Donna Harris

"This is the best seasoning for pork, beef, chicken, fish, veggies!"

-- Allison Impastato

"Your seasoning is wonderful!! Makes everything delicious!!"

-- OHow Sweet

"This is the BEST Seasoning EVER.. Awesome on grilled Salmon"

-- Karen Dean

"I love the seasonings, Keep doing what you do and God will continue to bless you much!!!! Great Seasoning and I am looking so forward to the dip line!!!"

-- Sherry LeFlore

"We made the Harriet's favorite dip...It's awesome!!!!

-- Candace Lynn Dunlap

"Caribbean Blend and [LeMonIt] Blend is it!!!"

-- Stephanie Pringle-Mosley